Posted on: October 11, 2008 2:51 pm

What if you were in charge of Oregon State U?

You receive a call early in the morning. You answer it and all of a sudden you're in charge of OREGON STATE!!!!! You are told to run the Football program. What is your first step?

I would first immediately have a team meeting. Then I would follow it up by recruiting my @$$ off. After that I would hire the newly fired head coach of the Iowa Hawkeyes Kirk Ferentz, and make him my offensive coordinater. After that I would create our 2016 schedule: Week 1 Home vs USC. Week 2 Home vs Washington State. Week 3 Home vs Oklahoma State. Week 4 Home vs South Dakota State. Week 5 Away at Stanford. Week 6 Away at Arizona. Week 7 Away at Washington. Week 8 Home vs Cal. Week 9 Bye week. Week 10 At UCLA. Week 11 Bye week. Week 12 Home vs Oregon. Week 13 Away at Navy. Week 14 Home vs Army.

From there. I would sit back relax and during the off season do it all over again.

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